Mentorship Program

Digital Comicking and Illustration

This program is designed to demonstrate everything there is to know about assembling a comic page via digital illustration. We will go over storytelling, panelling, Photoshop techniques, and finer details like anatomy, clothing, architecture, and everything else needed to put together a comic.

The class will feel like a structured class with weekly assignments, critiques, and live lessons. 

As my first inaugural year I'm only asking for $200 for the 8-week class in which you'll be rewarded with a certificate of completion.

2019's program will take place from June 1st to August 1st. 

Cheers and good luck!

Areas of Study

These are some of the things we'll cover and what you can expect to learn.


See what we'll be doing for eight weeks. It's all laid out.

Discord Group

Our groups social hub. We will share our art, comment, critique, and stay up to date on each other's progress.