Mentorship Curriculum

Week 1

Storyboarding and Comic Panels

We will discuss camera direction in static media and how to guide a readers eye around a page with composition.


Construct a 4 page short comic featuring close, medium, and far shots including people, vehicles, and either nature or architecture.

Week 2

Pencils, Style, and detail

We will execute the pencil phase of a comic page going over all the work that goes into detailing a comic page.


Fully pencil one page of your comic.

Week 3

Ink and contrast

Learn how to establish light and shadow with absolutes, white and black. 


Fully ink one page of your comic.

Week 4


We will study color theory, comic coloring styles, and application through Photoshop


Color one page of your comic.

Week 5

FX and Lettering

We will explore different effects and lettering techniques through Photoshop.


Fully FX and letter one page of your comic

Week 6

The Spreads

We will explore different approaches to single and double page spreads.


Concept and begin rendering a single or double page spread, with or without hovering panels.

Week 7


We will explore different styles of covers and the are of compositions.


Concept and begin rendering your comics cover.

Week 8

Critique and Review

Our final session together will be sharing our work, critiquing, and tackling any last minute requests before graduation.


Go forth and create art!


Completion of this class will reward you with a Certificate of Completion to be used on your resume or to print and hang on your wall. The reward will hinge on a pass/fail grade only, measuring your attendance and work output to be satisfactory.