... Man...

So The Rough and Tumble is done. St. Louis Comic-Con is in the bag. I'm still here, but things are weird.

Firstly, my graphic novel is finished and being printed. Man what a feeling. It's something I always wanted. 110+ plages. 300+ hours of work over 8 months time. What I get to do with this book is exciting. Showing it to publishers and other creatives may advance me to the next level. The paradox, unfortunately, was that I had to stay out of the public eye- away from commissions, fan art, fan comics, and things Deviantart, Tumblr, and Instagram are looking for- and stop any momentum I may have had. I've got my fans, and I love them. But my life as a freelance artist has completely deflated. No work coming in. No commissions. No clicks. No new fans.

So I got a job to stay alive. No big deal. I'm working on motorcycles! My other passion!

Enter St. Louis Comic-Con. I decided, after much counseling with my Illustrata bretheren, that I should produce and sell prints. It's a good thing I did! It's the only money I made! Whilst policing up eligible prints I realized everything I said above. I haven't been working on ANYTHING except my book. And before that I was devoted to Zenescope and coloring. No new art to show! I cranked out a few more pieces and they got very little attention. The prints I DID sell were from YEARS ago- a Megaman anthology piece and my Kirby Galactus.

There are aspects of my professional art career that I neglected and the punishment was it's death.

My art career has had many lives. I've tried and failed to get into many studios and industries. This is just another death. Chalk it up. I will have to fight extra hard to bring it back as I work another 30/hr a week job. I have to do it if I want to ever do art full time ever again.

Build fans by giving them what they want. They you make them so thirsty for your art that they'll buy anything and everything you produce. THEN you release your creator owned.  

Stay tuned, y'all. I'm not done. Far from it.