Out of the office

I will be out if the office today, this weekend, Monday and part of Tuesday. I am going out if town to bury my grandfather and Tuesday is election and Halo day. Those are my priorities and I am proud of it! Have a enjoyable weekend and thanks for visiting.

Well, it's been a while now hasn't it?

Hello friends, family, and fans. It's been a crazy couple of months. I have a feeling most of you follow me on twitter or facebook, but if you don't, let me fill you in.

San Diego Comic-Con was amazingly awesome. Me and my nephew Caleb met some great people, some solid contacts, and hopefully cut a decent path for our future endeavors. I really can't wait for next years portfolio. I'm learning so much.

I want to thank everyone for the traffic on Control. It's been a big hit on the site and getting a lot of traffic. So cheers! There WILL be more coming and we hope to finish the first book by Sept 1. We'll also sell it online if you want a hard copy. Stay tuned for that one!

Also, My Superluminous Kickstarter campaign met it's goal, and then some. So the first issue of that will be here before Halloween. Exciting! A real testement to international business and the state of the worlds economy. I am more hopeful than ever that I have a place in this world to create and tell stories.

Lastly, My latest Ink and Drink story is nearly finished. Here's a sample page, just for my Benbrushers. It's another tale weaved by Jon Norfleet. This book will be on sale on store shelves in St. Louis, MO and online at inkanddrinkcomics.com. I'll release all the pages on here once it's published. But for now, this will have to do. NOT SAFE FOR THE KIDDIES! This is the single most violent book I've ever produced. 


Cheers everyone. Thank you for the emails, the business, and the attention. I CRAVE IT!

On a Train to Springfield

Leather seats and complimentary coffee. Privacy. A full recliner WITH leg rest? I didn't pay enough for this.

There was a shooting last night a block from where I was partying. I was introduced to restaurant owners and young (and old) entrepreneurs while our youth were terrorizing St Louis' nicest, most eclectic sector. I was learning the intricacies of Thai fusion cuisine while young black men were rioting and shooting each other. A week ago I wondered why Anthony Bourdain doesn't come here. Now I don't care. We don't deserve it. What are our local governments doing to enrich our youth and escalate this city out of mental and financial poverty?

A stack of buckets full of railroad spikes. A cute blonde with a bright red messenger bag walking alone across a field taking large steps over railroad tracks - looking nervously behind her multiple times. Graffiti says "MOOSE CROSSiNG" leaving the i lower cased. It accentuates the ignorance of the tagger, killing all chances of humor.

The Amtrak brochure uses a curly cue font. A sickeningly familiar, recognizable stock font goes straight to a designers gut. Amateurs.

The conductor is going crazy with the train horn. Do you think we'd even feel a cow or anything smaller? Thousands of tons of steel hurling at 80 mph. I'm thinking no.