Hello friends, fans, family, and wanderers! A lot of times people ask me, “What are you working on?” Well it’s usually a long answer full of sighs and it starts to feel like I’m a traveling salesman. So I’m going to list it all right now. Some stuff is recently finished, some stuff is REALLY far off, some stuff still needs your help to become real. As always if you have any questions or requests hit up the contact button on the home page.
Thanks everyone!

Sixty Minute Shit Show

A podcast I do with a good friend and producer Tech Supreme and a rotation of special guests from local tattoo superstars, rappers, musicians, producers, artists, and friends. It’s a mixed bag of politics, science, video games, and general bullshit. Hope you enjoy it!

For Molly 1

a webcomic written by Gabe Cheng, all free here!

For Molly 2

and we need funding for part two!

The Dead Palace: A Horror Anthology

Another book me and Jim Ousley spent a year making is finally done! Grab a copy here:


An animation I’m putting together slowly inspired by Subset Games Into the Breach game. Stay tuned here for the finished version which will be a short film with music and sound effects and everything!
Here’s a silent teaser.

I’m always looking to make more animations, comics, video games, and whatever else creative! If you can use my skills please contact me!