Holy shit it's been a year.

I'm so sorry fans. How irresponsible! Just kidding. I've been working hard! I really think 2016 was the LEVEL UP year for me. Just check out the works page. Some great pages that I'm REALLY proud of. Besides moving into a new house with the GF and getting two unbearably cute dogs I've just been cranking out pages. If you're not already following me on Twitter or Instagram go find me @sketchsawyer. And add me on Xbox Live while you're at it. 

Otherwise I've got a number of products coming out this year. The next Ink and Drink has my first submission in a long time. Jim Ousley and I are also putting out a mini anthology of our mutual pieces which we will be selling at Wizard World St. Louis. Also I've been working with Butterscotch Shenanigans on a BIG graphic novel that will be announced and sold TBA. Just working hard to get that beast done. You can preview it in the works page also.

Thanks for all the business and traffic, fans. Again, if you want regular updates find me LITERALLY anywhere else. 

Ben, and the puppers.