Lots of work, where there is no work

So I've been slaving away at acquiring work these last few weeks. Copies of Frail Empire have arrived and I will be distributing a few at my table at Star Clipper Comics on Free Comic Book Day, May 7th. Anyway, I've been toiling away at looking for work, and looking for people who are looking for work. I've been scouring Craigslist, DeviantArt, Conceptart, and a few others that have provided for me in the past. I'm actively in talks with four potential clients and have emailed dozens more. Freelancing is hard work. Real hard.

However, all this work has me concepting and painting my ass off to reel in said clients, and get a few side projects scratched off the list. I have a feeling this week will be tending to those as well. 

Please visit my galleries. I'm constantly updating with paintings and concept work. Stay tuned for Frail Empire launch details and my public appearences!