Book One and Aspen

So I've arrived in Aspen, surrounded by the planet's ultra-rich and the countries most gorgeous terrain. I've skied and snowboarded on two of the four mountains in the area and am very sore.

More importantly I've finished my next book. Frail Empire, written by J.H. Adkins is a tale of the end of the world, and the last humans trying to preserve it. It's a whopping 35 pages long, the longest book I have illustrated. I put hundreds of hours into this book. I started it in Los Angeles, worked on it through my time in St. Louis, and finished it in Aspen Colorado. The details of the books release are still in process. I'll post them when they are known. 

I am about to head home to catch a friends birthday party and another's art show. From there, I do not know. 

I've uploaded some high res pictures into the gallery. Please browse and share with your friends and family!

Till next time,