Hello friends, fans, family, and wanderers! A lot of times people ask me, “What are you working on?” Well it’s usually a long answer full of sighs and it starts to feel like I’m a traveling salesman. So I’m going to list it all right now. Some stuff is recently finished, some stuff is REALLY far off, some stuff still needs your help to become real. As always if you have any questions or requests hit up the contact button on the home page.
Thanks everyone!

Sixty Minute Shit Show

A podcast I do with a good friend and producer Tech Supreme and a rotation of special guests from local tattoo superstars, rappers, musicians, producers, artists, and friends. It’s a mixed bag of politics, science, video games, and general bullshit. Hope you enjoy it!

For Molly 1

a webcomic written by Gabe Cheng, all free here!

For Molly 2

and we need funding for part two!

The Dead Palace: A Horror Anthology

Another book me and Jim Ousley spent a year making is finally done! Grab a copy here:


An animation I’m putting together slowly inspired by Subset Games Into the Breach game. Stay tuned here for the finished version which will be a short film with music and sound effects and everything!
Here’s a silent teaser.

I’m always looking to make more animations, comics, video games, and whatever else creative! If you can use my skills please contact me!

Holy shit it's been a year.

I'm so sorry fans. How irresponsible! Just kidding. I've been working hard! I really think 2016 was the LEVEL UP year for me. Just check out the works page. Some great pages that I'm REALLY proud of. Besides moving into a new house with the GF and getting two unbearably cute dogs I've just been cranking out pages. If you're not already following me on Twitter or Instagram go find me @sketchsawyer. And add me on Xbox Live while you're at it. 

Otherwise I've got a number of products coming out this year. The next Ink and Drink has my first submission in a long time. Jim Ousley and I are also putting out a mini anthology of our mutual pieces which we will be selling at Wizard World St. Louis. Also I've been working with Butterscotch Shenanigans on a BIG graphic novel that will be announced and sold TBA. Just working hard to get that beast done. You can preview it in the works page also.

Thanks for all the business and traffic, fans. Again, if you want regular updates find me LITERALLY anywhere else. 

Ben, and the puppers.


Struggle and Self Doubt

One month from now is Wizard World St. Louis. I'm not ready. I have so many personal projects I want to display. I have The Rough and Tumble to prop up. I have a lifetimes worth of skills, talent and hard work to show and sell to people. 

Monday and Tuesday of this week I worked for roughly 12 hours on a single piece. That's a lot for one piece. It was a double page spread to be used as a new cover for TR+T. I hate it. I like parts of it, but as a whole I hate it. Everyone else on my team says I'm crazy. Maybe I am.

Last night, after failing to get this damn motorcycle started, I tried to come home and get back to work. I stared at a blank Photoshop page on one screen and youtube repeats on the other. Just spaced out. Unmotivated. Defeated. I know what I want to draw, but I fear starting because I know the end result won't look like what I want it to look like. 

It's setting in hard. I'm sleeping more. Not answering my phone. Eating less. It's sinking it's teeth into me and I need to shake it loose. Time is money. I have projects I haven't even started yet, new and old. 

I've got work to do. People to reach. Stories to tell.

The create struggle is winning right now.

Come see me at Comic Con to see how I come out the other side.

Until then, buy me a drink when you see me. I'll probably need it.


Late Summer News

Lots going on this year. For starters, my book, The Rough and Tumble is finally out. It's real. It exists. And it's beautiful. You can order a copy here. 

Secondly, I started teaching at Webster University. I'm currently teaching Character Design for their animation department but I hope to pick up a few comic making classes in Spring. It's only been a few weeks but it has been fantastic so far. I really enjoy it.

I'm also still doing more comics. I have a few projects I'd like to kick off. I know I need to finish Blaster Master. I should probably do that before I start anything new. I'm also still taking commissions. I'm not too backlogged right now so turnaround is pretty quick. Prices are on the About page, contact and payment info is on the right.

Thanks everyone! Thanks for being a fan.



Hey all! I need to art. Give me something to do!

Sketch bust $25

Inked bust $50

Sketch pinup $75

Inked pinup $100

Color pinup $125

If you need more, like multiple characters or fighting armies of orcs and space mutants, message me. 



... Man...

So The Rough and Tumble is done. St. Louis Comic-Con is in the bag. I'm still here, but things are weird.

Firstly, my graphic novel is finished and being printed. Man what a feeling. It's something I always wanted. 110+ plages. 300+ hours of work over 8 months time. What I get to do with this book is exciting. Showing it to publishers and other creatives may advance me to the next level. The paradox, unfortunately, was that I had to stay out of the public eye- away from commissions, fan art, fan comics, and things Deviantart, Tumblr, and Instagram are looking for- and stop any momentum I may have had. I've got my fans, and I love them. But my life as a freelance artist has completely deflated. No work coming in. No commissions. No clicks. No new fans.

So I got a job to stay alive. No big deal. I'm working on motorcycles! My other passion!

Enter St. Louis Comic-Con. I decided, after much counseling with my Illustrata bretheren, that I should produce and sell prints. It's a good thing I did! It's the only money I made! Whilst policing up eligible prints I realized everything I said above. I haven't been working on ANYTHING except my book. And before that I was devoted to Zenescope and coloring. No new art to show! I cranked out a few more pieces and they got very little attention. The prints I DID sell were from YEARS ago- a Megaman anthology piece and my Kirby Galactus.

There are aspects of my professional art career that I neglected and the punishment was it's death.

My art career has had many lives. I've tried and failed to get into many studios and industries. This is just another death. Chalk it up. I will have to fight extra hard to bring it back as I work another 30/hr a week job. I have to do it if I want to ever do art full time ever again.

Build fans by giving them what they want. They you make them so thirsty for your art that they'll buy anything and everything you produce. THEN you release your creator owned.  

Stay tuned, y'all. I'm not done. Far from it.


I have a Kickstarter going and it's going really well! But every day is a stress ninja waiting in the shadows to cut me down to pieces. I know I have some hardcore fans in here and I need your help. I need a donation from you. One dollar. Five dollars. Ten dollars. It doesn't even matter. This will be my second Kickstarter and I delivered on the last one. Except this one will be BETTER! 100+ pages of badass characters, action, drama and laughs. Yes REAL laughs. Not those kind of laughs that non-funny people try to get out of you. My writers are bonafide funny guys! 

Anyway. Come watch the videos, browse the rewards, and please, PLEASE consider helping out your buddy Benbrush. Thanks everyone!


~Benjamin Sawyer

Open for Commissions

I'm open, available, and otherwise in need of taking commissions. It's the slow season. 

New reduced rates. Take advantage of me!

Commissions Space

M. Enger = Available

Steenz = Available

Benjamin Sawyer = Closed

Please visit the gallery and contact us for commission work! Thanks!

~Ben and Co.

Some New Commissions!

M. Enger and Steenz really knocked it out of the park with this rescue zombie piece. Witness their power of their collaboration! Also, Benjamin made a guy guitar-battling a giant robot in downtown Dallas.

Superluminous Ships Today!

The first two tiers of Superluminous ships today. The Deluxe edition is awaiting a reprint of their book due to an error. Shirts also arrive today. Thanks for being so patient, everyone.